Business Management & Advice

Many small and medium sized professional service firms lack the necessary experience and / or time to carry out the role traditionally provided by a Financial Director. While these firms require this level of expertise from time to time, they cannot justify the expense of employing a full time Financial Director. At Outsource we can provide that expertise as and when it is needed, while also providing an external perspective. Some of the services we provide in this area include:

Strategic Planning

Smaller organisations typically don’t have the disciplines required to conduct regular planning, analyse their strengths and weaknesses or assess market opportunities and threats. We provide you with an invaluable independent assessment of your business, focusing on:

  • Financial Performance
  • Management Structure
  • Staffing levels and staff competencies
  • Staff remuneration structures
  • Market position

We benchmark your organisation against industry best practice, giving you a set of key recommendations that will add value to your business.

Ownership Issues

Issues around ownership provide one of the greatest challenges to the owners of small and medium sized businesses. Dealing with issues such as profit sharing, entry/exit of a partner, succession planning, etc are highly sensitive and often benefit from the input of an external source. At Outsource we can assist owner/managers in areas such as:

  • Drafting partnership agreements
  • Drafting profit share schemes
  • Retirement proposals
  • Negotiating exit packages for retiring partners
  • Merger, acquisition, or disposal of all or part of a practice (see Mergers, Acquisitions, Disposals webpage)

Business Reviews

We provide a comprehensive review of your business focusing on the following key areas:

  • Financial management including benchmarking
  • Firm management including staff structures
  • Quality management
  • Strategic planning, marketing your business and focusing on new areas of growth

Our experienced advisors will help you to target areas of your business where resources are most needed and to direct your business towards a secure and profitable future. 

Ad-hoc Management Reporting

Outsource has provided a number of ad-hoc reports to our clients over the years including market analysis, viability studies, feasibility studies etc.