Mergers, Acquisitions & Disposals

Even the most successful organisations can stagnate if they don’t regularly assess their market position and identify the best structure required to compete effectively.

We have helped many businesses by carrying out expert analysis of the opportunities available to them. Our work includes:

Valuing your business

When either buying or selling a business it is vital to have an accurate valuation that reflects the current market. This is particularly true where changes in economic conditions cause significant fluctuations in the value of a business. Having been involved in a number of recent mergers, acquisitions, and disposals we are well placed to provide you with an accurate valuation of your firm or a firm you may be interested in acquiring.

Helping with the negotiation process

A merger, acquisition or disposal of a business is a very sensitive time as business owners potentially cede control of all or part of their business to an outsider or, in the case of acquisition, the business owner is taking on a whole new entity with its own dynamics, systems, and personalities. There is always an element of negotiation in this process that is often best facilitated by an external party. At Outsource we can represent your firm in the negotiation process or alternatively we can act as a facilitator between the two parties. This latter approach is often the most successful and most economic as the costs can be shared between the two parties.

Preparing Financial Due Diligence and analysis

A key element in the merger or acquisition process is to perform financial due diligence and analysis of the business being acquired. The acquiring firm needs to ensure that the decision to acquire is based on sound financial information and that they are fully aware of any existing or potential circumstances that may lead them to abandon the merger / acquisition or re-negotiate the price. Outsource has the expertise to support your firm in this important process.

Providing post-implementation support and advice

Following a merger/acquisition there is an intense period whereby the systems and practices of the two firms are merged into one seamless entity. This can be quite complex particularly where the firms have different accounting or IT platforms. It also requires considerable effort but is a key element in ensuring the success of the merger. Outsource has provided support to a number of firms in this post implementation phase ensuring the new entity's financial systems and procedures are running smoothly quickly.

At management level there can also be a settling in period as business owners used to making there own decisions now need to consider the views of their new partners. Having the availability of an outsourced financial director to facilitate partner meetings and assist in the implementation of the financial strategy of the new firm can be of great assistance.