Master Class in Law Firm Management
What running a law firm like a business really means

Running a law firm successfully is a complex business which requires an array of attributes, assumed to come naturally. In reality many partners and potential partners are excellent practitioners who enjoy the client work but often feel ill-equipped to run or assist in running a business. For many there is a worrying assumption that they will simply acquire the ‘know-how’ despite having had little or no exposure to running a law firm while employed solicitors or through formal training.

This Outsource ‘Master Class’ will provide the essentials on what many partners, potential partners and practice managers say they must do but very often don’t. It will address the areas of strategy, business planning, finance, cashflow management, IT, HR, marketing and leadership, providing participants with a 360° view on what running a law firm like a business really means. This series of nine integrated workshops will be limited to a maximum of 10 participants and delivered by a team of subject matter experts, rich in previous and current law firm experience. The modules will be practical and relevant and will address day to day challenges, opportunities and long-term objectives.

This master class series is suited to any partner, potential partner or practice manager eager to learn more about the business of practice management and development.

Event Details:

Dates: January to February 

Duration: 2-3 hour blocks over 5 weeks - approx 14 points awarded to participants

Locations: Online

Course Structure

Module 1: Understanding the Legal Market - David Rowe

Module 2: Managing People - your greatest asset - Aoife Stokes

Module 3: Financial Management of a Legal Practice - Donal Maher

Module 4: How to become a leader - Hannah Carney

Module 5: Financial Implications of Equity Partnership - Donal Maher

Module 6: Marketing a Law Firm - John Hogg

Module 7: The Business of Law - David Rowe

Module 8: IT - what the partner needs to know - Trojan IT

Module 9: Business Plan/Summary - David Rowe